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TNA Launches Impact Wrestling Domain Name, Reveals New Logo & Tagline

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-- Mick Foley, who was revealed as the Network Consultant tonight on Spike TV, announced during the telecast that show is being renamed iMPACT! Wrestling. He added that it's a show "about wrestling."

To reflect the name change, TNA Wrestling re-designed their official website with new graphics and the tagline, "Wrestling Matters Here." The domain name ImpactWrestling.com was also activated, although it redirects to TNAWrestling.com.

T-Shirts featuring the Impact Wrestling logo are now available via ShopTNA.com.

-- Chyna was revealed tonight as Kurt Angle's mystery partner for his Mixed Tag Match against Jeff and Karen Jarrett at TNA Sacrifice. The former WWE Diva was a top trending topic on Twitter immediately following her TNA debut.

Multi-time women's wrestling champion Madusa, who rarely acknowledges TNA, commented on Chyna's debut on the micro-blogging site.

She wrote, "Ok here is the deal I turned on the television and bam! TNA thought for a minute and kept it on.... Saw a few old friends brought back some great memories and bam! Frick'n chyna...awesome."

"Then nearly an erection when i saw beer money....HOT! OK me and beer money and then...chyna."

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