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Out NOW! Kno (CunninLynguists) & MarQ Spekt (Jersey M.C.) Concept Album MacheteVision

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Yes, it isn't just Oneirology or Chico & The Man that we'll be hearing from Kno this year, he's already released a few singles from his upcoming concept project with Jersey emcee MarQ Spekt. These tracks are attached below, as is a synopsis of the concept, which admittedly sounds very outlandish (to say the least!).


From the rubble of a post-apocalyptic Hip-Hop landscape littered with bloodied man purses & tattered skinny jeans, two men emerge as the law in a lawless land. Armed only with battle-worn machetes and gritty instrumentals, MarQ Spekt & Kno of CunninLynguists will descend upon The Temple of Auto-Tune on October 25th to lead one final push in eliminating the remaining scourge and returning high-minded filth to its rightful place in the Pantheon of Rap.

Flanked by like-minded mercenaries such as Action Bronson, Deacon The Villain, Meyhem Lauren and more, these guardians of grime will prove once and for all that nobody is safe — especially if they borrow their girlfriend’s pants.

MarQ Spekt & Kno – MacheteVision
Produced by Kno // Artwork by Flux

01. Machete Vision (Intro)
02. Roadhouse ft. Action Bronson
03. Top Back ft. Deacon The Villain
04. All Smiles (Plastic Mask)
05. The Royal Peasants ft. Anna Wise
06. Opium Den
07. AquaMarine
08. Crime Seen ft. Kno
09. The Devil
10. Danger ft. Meyhem Lauren, Huey P. Capone, FT & Lex Boogie
11. Wikileaks


The only thing that confuses me with this is 'From the temple of Auto-Tune.' I hope this doesn't mean Kno's experimenting :/ But either way, will be great to hear from him!

Here's the first single that was leaked:

2nd leak (much better than the first, IMO):


*EDIT* Also, sounds like this will be a digital release ONLY at first, followed by a physical release with some extras at a later date!
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