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Father Divine

_mud_mud Posts: 16
edited October 2011 in The Biosphere
Having just thoroughly enjoyed his biography 'God, Harlem, USA' I believe Father Divine (and his Peace Movement etc) to be an interesting figure, somewhat overlooked through Black American History, though notably brought up in a debate between Farrakhan and W.D Mohammed as perhaps something of a pioneer and influence on black empowerment and the NOI / W.D Fard etc. Naturally it's for every individual to weigh up the pro's and con's of such people claiming to be 'God' incarnate - but I think it's fairly evident he did a lot more good than others. In fact, a major shout out must go to his second wife 'Mother Divine' for repeatedly denying Jim Jones' claims to be the reincarnation of Father Divine and convincing many of his followers not to head on down to Jonestown and drink the kool aid. Sad,, but yeah, Father Divine, certainly an interesting person / biography and in my humble opinion worthy of a mention http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Father_Divine

* Edit - having just checked the primary debate on youtube between Farrakhan and Warith Deen Mohammed - it seems it's not there that (I'm fairly sure it's) Warith Deen Mohammed mentions the possible influence of Father Divine on his father (alongside either W.E.B Dubois or Booker T Washington as I recall),, sorry, my mistake - but will post the right link as soon as I find it. It seems just as logical Warith Deen Mohammed mention Prophet Noble Drew Ali actually, so,, well - sorry to be a clutz but I'll post the right link once found,, and the groundings regarding Father Divine's mention remain to my mind relevant anyway.
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