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new MF doom...

ninjasensesninjasenses Posts: 157
edited July 2010 in The Essence
saw this posted up..i think its a mixtape, but good to see some new music from him. Anyone give this a listen?

Track List:
1.Savior Beans 1:31
2.Gazzillions Ear 4:07
3.Doom 1:14
4.sorcerers 1:21
5.Fire In The Hole 1:26
6.Ballskin 1:29
7.3214 2:03
8.Cellz 2:17
9.Fire Wood Drumstix 1:30
10.The unexpected 2:20
11.That's That 2:01
12.Trap Door 2:13
13.Get'er Done 1:45
14.Chinatown wars[Feat.Ghostface] 3:25
15.Distant Star 1:32
16.Mash's Revenge 1:32
17.Sniper Elite 1:55
18.My Favorite Ladies/Remains[Feat.Jose Gonz-Lez] 2:58
19.Fly That Knot 1:44
20.Gunfight 1:11
21.Benetton 1:06
22.Never Go Pop 1:52
23.quite Buttery 1:18
24.Cold One 2:45
25.Yikes 1:05
26.Lightworks 1:52
27.? 1:34
28.This Is Dedicated 1:16
29.Project Jazz 00:56
30.Potholderz[Feat.Count Bass D] 1:38
31.Kookies{Just Blaze Remix} 2:07
32.Biochemical Equation[Feat.Rza] 2:35
33.The Mask[Feat.Ghostface] 2:13
34.Angeles[Feat.Ghostface] 2:27
35.running Around Another 1:57
36.Da Superfriendz[Feat.Vast Aires] 3:08
37.All Outta Ale 1:57
38.Bell Of Doom 2:31
39.Hook's Is Extra 2:33
40.A New World 1:50

The meckle-faced truth drops 39 overproof exclusive and unreleased tracks for Think Differently. Much like any Doom album, there's recurring sample themes and lyrics throughout, but you can basically look at this as an under-the-counter best-of, sequenced by someone with near unlimited access to his archives. You'll get over 1 hour of unfathomable lyrics delivered alongside Vast Aire, Ghostface, RZA, Count Bass D and Just Blaze with beats from J Dilla among others. Don't sleep on this!


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