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Faded Tattoos

aijalonaijalon Posts: 919
edited June 2012 in Waiting To Exhale
After a long Hiatus, I'm back. Had a son during the break and this is something I hope he reads some day...

Tattooed Memories
Images depicted on canvas of flesh cease to exist once the body is lowered to the ground.
As for me, I choose to paint on canvases beyond ruin;
The mind of the rain soaked vagrant.
The heart of the single mother, barely making ends meet; barely meeting the mercy of her maker.

I frown upon those who would, for their own pleasure depict the plight of the man less fortunate.
I speak evil of the predators that lie amongst the reeds.
I dwell beneath the base of the bottom, pelting rocks at the rising Phoenix.
She is my foil, and I her demise.
Yes I rise.
When my aching limbs hint of certain demise. And I know not the man in the mirror before my eyes….
I rise.

And toward my finest work.
The brush’s most delicate stroke.
I imprint the memories of my turmoil on the one who is to bear my burdens.
As I bore those of my father before me.
I bid him Godspeed. And the courage to resist…
The beast from out of the abyss within

Go forth and make memories of men’s thoughts.
Be remembered, not as a fading tattoo on man’s skin.
Head held high, even in the face of certain defeat.
Scorn the very presence of complacency.
Death’s embrace is life’s final gift.
Time’s mocking words never cease.
Yet of this I am certain:
A man with no cause is but a man.
And drones amongst us walk.
Rise, take your place my son.
Carve your legend on the hearts of kings………………….


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