"content'' the most overrated thing in hiphop and the biggest excuse to hate



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    @usmarin3 The substance of your content is what determines whether or not there is quality.

    And where you can get songs from Too Short like "The Ghetto" which is a story which can be learned from, hell even "Shake That Monkey" provides insight into a topic despite how mundane it may seem.

    Nowadays though, you got songs called "Mercy" which are not about that word, or even really about a Lamborghini. No story, no situation, no insight, just straight shit talking. Its like they are salesman for this false reality.

    The substance is what determines the value of the music. Most if not all popular music has substance because for the most part every genre but hip hop are still based on feelings and events that actually happen in the artists lives. Not based on what an individual thinks everybody else wants to hear, what will get them signed, or get their dick wet.

    This is the only genre where someone would intelligently try to the defend the question "Whats so bad about making/liking stupid music? So what it's not only destructive to the environment, economy, and also detrimental to young minds, these dudes are making money... Your just a hater"

    I swear Jesus could come back and tell you the meaning of life and your destiny and most of yall would call him a hater. Straight idiocracy is so prevalent in hip hop culture and its people. its frightening.

    To many implants, we need more real fans to speak up

    Not discussing the most obscure or technically sound underground nigga no one cares about, but just more people who are actually objective and willing to question the quality of music with a clear mind and not based on what everybody else says.

    Thats what hip hop is supposed to be, ground breaking, new, rebellious. Yet these days it's safe, stale and destructive. Like WTF is wrong with yall defending this shit.

    Its textbook slave mentality to defend your oppressor, the way they so tastefully use these pop stars as their agents to mold perception of reality. Music is supposed to uplift people and yet all it seems to do these days is alienate the majority of the country that is poor convincing them to spend the little money they dont have...

    There will be a change soon though, it always happens like this. Once a generation a rebellion ensues. Hopefully they havent drained that out of most of us yet.
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    I think I'm gonna troll Lil Wyte next. Apparently he follows me on twitter.

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    @buttuh_b were you trolling the fuck out of Justin?
    ... always immediately go for my boobs ... She feelin me up like "are those your nipples?" I'm like "don't touch there. my money is there." So she's running my hips and thighs ...

    Westie wrote: »
    Lol what is cunting?

    Lol i like it. I am cunting.

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    People like the entertainment they like.
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    OK. Content is a big deal. You have a platform to make whatever you represent universal. You can make your voice paramount in the way the people you represent are perceived. People must realize that music is entertainment and some. People take music seriously and movies especially now. No one goes outside or interacts with people enough to get their ideas from anywhere else. People aspire to be like people they believe to be of higher value or skill (celebrities and experts people with big voices). Rappers can talk that ignorant shit, they can talk that hood shit, but content, and knowledge on how to better your community is nice too. Explain how you got your success. Be worth the story. Do something great. Poor and regular folks fuck women and get trashed! Poor dudes have St least two nice fits and some Jordan's. Give us something new besides the car or watch you copped or else your just saturating the market with the same shit and there is no mark left. If you have no aspirations to be great then why spit. Hip-hop music has less avcou
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    Hip-hop has less accountability than fast food drive thru-workers
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    The intro to Kingdom Come
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    No complaints bout music cause I just listen to what I want post.
    Too much music. If you cant enjoy what you like thats on you, not no rapper.
    If you cant find no music to like you just dont like music.
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    Content matters to an extent. In most cases you need a good beat that compliments the vocals to have a song you can bump. If I actually want to LISTEN to a song than content matters. Content can show an artist's range as a songwriter to see if they can do something outside the box.
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    like @32DaysOfInfiniti said, most songs now are just titles with hook and random bars. Although I care a lot about the subject matter, I don't knock anyone who doesn't. What I think people should care about is the quality of the music, no matter what you are talking about.

    Say what you want about Jay's subject matter, but it's still on point. If he's talking about bitches, he'll at the very least give you something witty, a metaphor, something lyrical. And he'll actually stay on topic. A lot of the rappers that people complain about are the ones recycling lines, beats and whatever formula is working at the moment. The thing that most rappers who don't have much to say in their lyrics have in common is that they're only in it for the money. So they're not concerned with pushing the envelope or taking risks. There is no signature in their art, because there's no artistry.
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    rip.dilla wrote: »
    @buttuh_b were you trolling the fuck out of Justin?

    Yea. He doesn't know he's one of my favorites.

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    Mumo_X wrote: »

    im waitin. U never answered my question. Gimme one musical god who never evolved musically and touch on social commentary.

    MJ? Marley? Wonder? Lennon? Ray Charles? James Brown? Bill holiday?


    Musical god is a relative term, why is that so hard for you bush babies to understand. You speak in objective terms when everything we are debating is subjective. Evolve musically and social commentary is subjective, to you SHOOT WHITEY is social commentary, to the nigga on the block D'EVILS is social commentary.

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