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New Last Emperor - Fine Art

RuffDraftRuffDraft Posts: 4,753 ✭✭✭✭
edited July 2010 in The Essence

Quite liking this, anyone a fan?

Production is nice, drums are heavily pronounced and the sample at the end of every 8 bars or so is nice...
Favourite Albums of 2013/Essence Threads:
Ugly Heroes - Ugly Heroes LP


  • Kil889Kil889 Posts: 158
    edited July 2010
    No Doubt! Last Emp is the truth...been up on this cat for YEARS! His first jawn "The Legend of Bigfoot" that was never commercially released is STILL one of my fav hip hop albums of the 90's!


    Mess with M.O.P.'s "Rude Bastard"? Gat @ me for some heat...

    Reviews of The Grey Album by Vegas (Produced by Kil):
    "This is a solid effort from the duo. They delivered a cohesive ensemble, showcasing great chemistry. I recommend the LP to anyone that's into the more melodic side of golden age Hip Hop (Pete Rock & CL Smooth, A Tribe Called Quest, etc.)" - Illmuzik.com
    4 out of 5 Mics

    Download "The Grey Area" here: http://vegasworldinc.bandcamp.com
  • gboykingboykin Posts: 9
    edited July 2010
    dope lyrics good song lets see if he can make a dope album has anybody actually listne to a last emperor album
  • NeslomNeslom Posts: 431
    edited July 2010
    Nice to hear something new from him. Music, Magic, Myth is great, love Karma, Meditation, Prisoner and the 2 Secret Wars are just incredible storytelling
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