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Meanwhile in Colorado a teen investigated for murder 1 for stabbing her mom 78 times (With Pictures)

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A Colorado teen is being investigated for first degree murder for allegedly stabbing her mother to death Wednesday night. 18-year-old Isabella Guzman was ordered to remain in Arapahoe County Jail today without bond as police continue to investigate the murder of her mother, 47-year-old Yun Mi Hoy. Guzman was arrested Thursday morning after police found her hiding out in a parking garage near her home, having fled from the scene of the crime. According to the affidavit, Isabella had grown 'more threatening and disrespectful' towards her mother leading up to her death. It's still unclear what exactly her mother was worried about, but neighbors report calling the police in the past when they saw men jumping over a fence into the family's backyard. Those men were later discovered to be Isabella's boyfriends paying her a visit.

The day before her mother was killed, Isabella spit on her mother and sent her an email threatening: 'You will pay.' Mrs Hoy had grown so scared of her daughter, that she called on her ex-husband, Isabella's father Robert Guzman, to speak to the teenager. Just three hours before Mrs Hoy way murdered, Robert Guzman paid a visit to the house his daughter lived in with his ex-wife and her new husband, Ryan Hoy. As they sat in the backyard, he explained the importance of respecting your elders, and truly believed he had gotten through to her. 'In the conversation, I thought that I made progress,' Mr Guzman said, 'but obviously it didn't do nothing, because hours later, this thing happened.' Mrs Hoy's husband Ryan Hoy was home when the fight broke out Wednesday night. He says his wife had just returned from work around 9:30pm when she went upstairs to take a shower.

Mr Hoy was eating when he heard a thumping sound upstairs and his wife calling his name. He ran to the upstairs bathroom, but Isabella quickly shut and locked the door and he noticed blood streaming under the door. Mr Hoy called 911 as he heard his wife say 'Jehovah'. Soon after, Isabella emerged from the bathroom and walked out holding the knife, staring straight forward as she passed her stepfather and went downstairs.

Mr Hoy tried to revive his wife but knew she was already dead by the look in her eyes.

When police arrived they officially pronounced Mrs Hoy dead.

Aurora police officer Frank Fania described the scene as 'pretty gruesome'. Mrs Hoy was found stabbed a reported 78 times in the face and neck. Isabella had since left the scene of the crime, and wasn't tracked down until near noon the next day. Police found Isabella after receiving a report that there was a body inside a car at a parking garage less than a mile from the Hoy household. When officers arrived, they found the car but no body inside.

'They did find items in the car, however, that led them to believe these items were related to the earlier homicide,' Fania told 7News. Eventually police discovered Isabella leaving the parking garage. Witnesses watched as three police officers pulled out guns and ordered the teen to the ground, and took her into custody. Isabella is currently being held at Arapahoe County Jail without bond as police continue to investigate the homicide. She appeared briefly in court today, wearing an orange jail jumpsuit and a bandage on her right wrist. Her father said he is 'heartbroken' and 'upset' over the grisly death of his ex-wife.

'Isabella is a good kid, she's a good hearted [sic]. But I don't know what could've happened, honestly, to provoke this kind of reaction,' Mr Guzman said.


¡No contaban con mi astucia!
5 Grand wrote: »
I see a lot of people saying they'd "give" family members money.

Thats not what you want to do.

You want to set up a trust fund so they get a monthly payment. You can set up a trust fund so your mother gets, say, $10,000 a month for the rest of her life. According to my math, $10,000 per month for 20 years is $2.4 million. That's better than giving her $2.4 million up front because she can blow it all in a matter of days and then she'll want more and you'd feel obligated to give it to her.

So if you win, don't "give" anybody anything. Set up a trust fund.

Now that I think about it, I could set up a trust fund for my brother. I'd give him $10,000 a month. He's about 45 now so $10,000 per month for 40 years is only $4.8 million. That makes more sense than giving him the money in one lump sum.

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Anyone else think it's crazy only about 10 posters regularly post here and we got damn near 500 pages?

All the other sports threads on here are people with hobbies. This is football - the beautiful game. We eat, sleep and drink football.



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