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DJ Paul Has Lost His Damn Mind (R.I.P. Lord Infamous)

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DJ Paul says he'll be taking his brother Lord Infamous' casket on tour with Da Mafia 6ix.

Lord Infamous passed away in his sleep in late December, a short while after he had reunited with his former Three 6 Mafia members as Da Mafia 6ix. The crew released a mixtape earlier this year, 6ix Commandments, and they announced in February they'd be taking it on the road for a "Triple 6ix Sinners" tour. Despite Lord Infamous' death, DJ Paul seems intent on bringing his late brother and friend on the tour with him, as he recently revealed to Toledo City Paper.

DJ Paul says they'll be taking Infamous' casket on the road. We have no idea how this is even possible, and indeed, it sounds pretty creepy, but as Paul says himself, "I'm a weird, kinda creepy kind of guy."

Paul revealed the news during the interview, saying that they had to put a lot of money towards getting a trailer that would fit the casket. "We're bringing his casket out," Paul said. "We're bringing it to every show. I wanted him to be there. I'm that kind of guy—a weird, kinda creepy kind of guy. I had to pay a lot of money to get an extended tour trailer that would fit his casket and all of the merch."

He also spoke on how he's been doing since the death of his brother. "I'm doing good. I kind of expected it, so it didn't hit me so bad," Paul shared. "I keep my phone on all night, because I knew one day I would get the call. He escaped death so many times, from getting into car accidents, to run-ins with the police, to getting robbed. We used to call him the cat because he had so many lives. He was the nicest guy, and he really didn't care about anything except his kids. He wasn't a very materialistic person. On that night, I finally turned my ringer off, because I was tired of people calling me. So the next day, Twitter and Facebook knew before I did. A couple of tears came down, and then they stopped. People told me it was ok to cry, that I didn't need to be a tough guy, but I was just prepared for it."

Will you be seeing Da Mafia 6ix on tour?

What the fuuuuuck is with this? Does he not know what R.I.P. means?
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