Black Milk- "If there's a Hell below"

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Black Milk recently made an announcement regarding new music via Twitter.

Black Milk says the album is set to be titled, If There's A Hell Below.

His Twitter message is as follows: "New Album "If There's A Hell Below" #thisyear."

In October 2013, Black Milk released No Poison No Paradise. The album, which was critically acclaimed, earned a 4.5 out of 5 in its HipHopDX review.

"I wanted to focus more on storytelling and having a collection of songs with subject matters that tie into one another," Black Milk said of No Poison No Paradise. "Just like a dream, the scenes are always changing and sometimes feel random and inconsistent." He continued, "It's a mixture. Some songs and stories are told from Sonny's older self, some from his younger days, and some from a third person perspective."

More on No Poison No Paradise is here.

New Album "If There's A Hell Below" #thisyear

—Black Milk (@black_milk) June 27, 2014
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