Hulk Hogan Is Helping Riff Raff Become A Professional Wrestler

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About four months ago, Riff Raff took to Instagram to reveal that he was going to start doing "VERSACE STRENGTH TRAINING" in order to get himself into better shape. He also said that he was going to stop using drugs and alcohol for 100 days. And now, we know why.

Over the weekend, Riff Raff announced that he is transforming himself into a professional wrestler. And he's not doing it alone. He is going to begin training with none other than Hulk Hogan and is going to be the Hulkster's tag-team partner sometime in the near future:

It doesn't look like this is a joke, either. Riff Raff posted a promo video that Hulk Hogan shot recently to his Twitter account yesterday to try and prove that this is serious and that he's actually going to wrestle:

He also posted this video to Instagram, which features Hogan talking trash with a couple of females dancing behind him on a boat:

No word on when Riff Raff is actually going to start wrestling. But doesn't it feel like he could be pretty successful in the world of WWE, assuming he takes it seriously?


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