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Any openly gay memers on the IC? (besides Conflict, of course)

onthaflyonthafly Posts: 1,143 ✭✭✭✭
edited April 2015 in AKA Donkey
This is an anonymous poll ya'll. Nobody will see your answer. Plus we live in a liberal society and all that shit.
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Any openly gay memers on the IC? (besides Conflict, of course) 8 votes

I'm a flaming faggot n/h
Karl. 1 vote
I'm an intolerant homophobe n/h
my style switches like a faggot n/h
PurrBussy_Getta 2 votes
Nas never said no homo? n/h
rip.dillakingblaze84VulcanRavenIgot5onitonthafly 5 votes
undecided n/h
other n/h
shtoopidMrMinimalistThereal_baChuchkreapin505nujerz84jonoCeLLaR-DooRskpjr78DNB1Smokey Tha Banditjayvon32Peezy_JenkinsBangEm_Bart RNSSplackavelliFocal PointIgot5onitDupacBussy_Getta MistyKnight JonnyRoccITLEMZIMUS_RAMSEYStoneColdMikeyAjackson17manofmorehouseKLICHE


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