D12 At The Breakfast Club

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    Bizarre Gotta Be Necrophiliac Or The Very Least A Boy Toucher..He Always Gives Off That Vibe
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    I like how Mr. Porter just stopped giving a 🤬 🤬 about the group at all, oh 🤬 🤬 he did produced some 🤬 🤬 on the mixtape, my bad.
    Still weird that he isnt doing promo like he's a member of the group anymore, and nobody asked them about Fuzz Scoota being back.
    And Bizarre should know that diabetes isnt curable at all, its manageable.
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    Good interview.
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    Looks like they trying to wipe out Mr Porter/Kon Artist haha TBF I heard him on Combat Jack Show and he has got his own thing going and has been mad successful...
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    D12 - My Band
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