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This Polygraph thing takes you through the Billboard Rap Charts Top 10 from 1989 to 2015



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    From 95-02 Jay only had one song to reach number 1 on the Hip Hop charts, yet during those years Jay was probably p4p the most dominate. Numbers can lie.

    Flamyoant reached number1, crazy

    50 had 3 right after each other back to back to back number 1's

    The numbers are not lying, you need to just brush-up on how the music business works"

    Please explain.

    I presume you think because Jay Z didn't have more # songs he maybe not sold that many records or his money might be funny.
    Other than those things, Jay Z's contract was structured exclusively for him, remember, he pays himself, that means he doesn't have to pay any other label, all his deals are basically distribution deals,
    he gets to keep more of the money made from his music sales"
    Re read what I wrote.

    You said Numbers can lie. / In Jay's case they don't, but they actually add up"
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