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Who Was The MVP of 1995?

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Notorious B.I.G dropped Ready To Die in late 1994, and it carried over into '95. He arguably had the song of the year with the One More Chance remix, as well as dropping the Junior Mafia album Conspiracy Theory, which featured Playas Anthem

Wu Tang- after their 1993 debut, they branched off into solo projects with each member signing deals with various different labels which was unheard of at the time. It started with Method Man dropping Tical in late '94 with the hits Bring Da Pain and the monumental You're All That I Need remix with Mary J Blige, then next was Ol Dirty Bastard with 36 Chambers The Dirty Version, which featured Brooklyn Zoo and Shimmy Shimmy Ya, then Raekwon with assistance from Ghostface dropped Only Built 4 Cuban Links in the summer of '95 and it featured the hits Criminology and Ice Cream, and the Gza dropped Liquid Swords in the fall of '95 to end the year.

Tupac- while getting locked up for sexual assault charges in early '95, Tupac dropped his 3rd album Me Against The World and it sold well despite him not being able to really promote it while being behind bars. The album featured Dear Mama a masterpiece dedication to his mother. While also still being the talk of the hip hop community with a beef with Notorious Big and later getting out on bail and signing with Deathrow Records.

Coolio- He dropped his second album Gangster's Paradise in late 1995, but he had arguably the biggest song of the year regardless of genre.
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Who Was The MVP of 1995? 80 votes

Notorious B.I.G
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Wu Tang
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