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Electronic Arts Confirms the NCAA Football Video Game Series Will Return

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If you remember a few weeks ago, EA Chief Competition Officer, Peter Moore, gave his two cents on how his company feels about the mid-generation upgrades for Microsoft’s Xbox One Scorpio and PlayStation 4K Pro systems. Last March, NCAA athletes received $60 million dollars in settlement royalties from Electronic Arts, for usage of their likeness over the years without compensation. Soon after, every athlete was granted a roughly average of $1,600 – or three pairs of Jordan sneakers.

However, with fans and those players still in limbo on whether or not one of the greatest sports games not named MLB: The Show will be returning would return have been treated to some intriguing news. Mr. Moore recently spoke on the multiple lawsuits EA faced since 2014, as well as the company having to abandon their annual summer video game release before Madden.

Take a look below at some of his comments.

Peter Moore on the future of NCAA Football

NCAA Football became the lightning rod for bigger issues regarding college athletes getting paid for their performance, not only in football but all college sports. And their likeness. It was a sad day when we realized, ‘We are in the sights of a number of lawsuits.’ A number of athletes which were all combined eventually into one singular suit and said, ‘That’s me.’ When your lawyers’ fees are more than the revenue you can expect to get in. It was an unclear future for us. It was a really sad day and we said, ‘We just can’t do this anymore.’ And one day I know we’ll be back.”

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