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Why Flex Player Hating On Drake lmao



  • Bcotton5Bcotton5 Posts: 51,851 ✭✭✭✭✭
  • BackInWhiteBackInWhite Posts: 23,591 ✭✭✭✭✭
    DRAKE IS KNOWN FOR DOING THIS TYPE OF SHIT(getting back at dudes thru girls)...

    That's the problem. That shit is weird!

    I think he is a passive aggressive non confrontational dude n this is how he gets down, whether that's right or wrong idk

    If you don't know whether some shit like this is right or wrong you a fuck nigga too
    I smack you so you go fuck a bitch I hit in middle school
    You don't know if that's a hoe nigga tactic or not?
  • Logical TruthsLogical Truths Posts: 1,023 ✭✭✭✭
    Flex the type of nigga that be angry with the world, and doesn't know why.
  • blackrainblackrain Posts: 27,261 Regulator
    blackrain wrote: »
    blackrain wrote: »
    Flex a hoe for this.

    But I hate how the ovo Street team acting like Drake posting that picture on the day of the shooting anniversary wasn't a hoe move

    Who the fuck is thinking about that? Is J Lo bot allowed to be in a pic with another man on that day forever because of an ex from over a decade ago?

    The bolded is the only point Flex was making in the first place. Everybody swore this whole thing was supposed to be some kind of shot to Puff. But, as he said it's been damn near 20 years and a trail of niggas since so the statute of limitations been up.

    I know it's Flex so we don't wanna hear it but he really ain't say nothing false.

    Flex has no pint because he's speaking out about another dude fucking her years ago. Not even himself but another nigga. How he bragging about another niggas dick 17 years later.There was literally no need for him to even speak out.

    He's not bragging about Diddy smashing. It's public knowledge. A photo was shared to the public, so the public discussed it (including this thread).

    Try to look past the fact that it's Flex and take the statement for what it is. He's just another person on Twitter adding to the discussion.

    The statement is dumb no matter who says it...
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