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T.I. Says He's Ready To 'Go & Get Started' On 'Dope Boy Academy' Album With Jeezy

RickyRichRickyRich Posts: 13,055 ✭✭✭✭✭
With a plethora of collaborative albums being released in 2017, T.I.*and Jeezy's long-awaited Dope Boy Academy project might still have a pulse. In a brief interview with Billboard, T.I. revealed that he's ready to get going on the elusive album, which he and Jeezy promised fans back in 2014.*
"I just wanna go and get started," he told Billboard on Monday (Nov. 27). "You know, me and Young, we tend to go back and forth because Young, he does a lot of contemplating, which is very good, because that's how you come up with the best ideas, but I just move. I'm ready to go."
Earlier this month in an interview with Billboard, Jeezy*spoke on Dope Boy Academy and revealed that time was the biggest hindrance when trying to complete the project with his Atlanta cohort.*
"I think at the time that we were really on it,*I think he got busy and I went on tour," he said. "You know, Tip's my brother, and he's always going to be. The one thing that I'm going to say about Tip is that he's always going to have great ideas. So me and him threw a couple of things back and forth. He talked about an album, I talked about a movie, and we've just been back and forth about it ever since. He wants to do an album and I want to do a movie. So if we can do a movie with a soundtrack, I think we're good."

The Papertrail artist piggybacked on Jeezy's idea about a movie and said he's willing to come to a*compromise in order to quench fans' thirst.*
"I'm not closed-minded to that. I just told him it's going to take much longer to do the movie. Like a movie could take us a year to do and get the script right and get everything together. You can't just throw it together, whereas with the album, I feel like we can finish in a week. This was my argument. But for as long as it's taking us to do this album, we might as well have done a movie," he grinned.*"So, he might be right."
The two famed MCs have collaborated on a bevy of tracks, most notably Jeezy's "F.A.M.E." and T.I.'s "G sh*t."
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