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Who is J’Maurice? The rising hip-hop and rap star out of Dallas, Texas

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J’Maurice is making a name for himself as a passionate musical artist using his platform to bring happiness to others.

J’Maurice is a rising rap and hip-hop star representing Dallas, Texas, as a fresh and cheerful voice in the community. He is a powerful and energetic musician, following in the footsteps of those in the industry who have inspired him.

J’Maurice has turned a turbulent upbringing into a successful music career. After his parent’s divorce, J’Maurice used his challenging circumstances to fuel his rap career, channeling the hardship into developing his talent. This helps to make his music relatable. “Everybody's life has love, hate, and pain in it. Making music is my way of dealing with it, growing from it, and moving on," says J’Maurice, highlighting the positive outlook that he hopes to share with his fans.

His latest release, ‘Facetime’, is an empowering and feel-good rap song that seeks to do more than what is currently on offer in the industry. J’Maurice hopes the song is empowering to his fans, especially his female listeners. His music is available on his Spotify, offering an uplifting and upbeat sound. Listeners can find J'Maurice's Spotify

J’Maurice creates memorable and heartfelt records that he hopes will bring happiness to others. Inspired by old-school hip hop and R&B, J’Maurice hopes to be a role model to his listeners in the same way the musicians he grew up with were to him. His career is going from strength to strength, and he is bound to achieve continued success.

Find J’Maurice on Spotify at the link above or visit his social media profiles. Visit @therealjmaurice on social media or the latest J’Maurice music news.

About J’Maurice

J’Maurice is a rising rap and hip-hop star representing Dallas, Texas. After experiencing hardship in his youth, J’Maurice has used this to fuel his career. Inspired by the previous industry greats, J’Maurice is carving out a place for himself within the ranks of his predecessors. His latest single, Facetime, is available on his Spotify.

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