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Shindiggaz-Saturday Morning Special 2010 (all cartoon samples)

pinyapplesuckaspinyapplesuckas Posts: 58
edited January 2010 in The Essence
Shindiggaz – Saturday Morning Special

Download: http://www.divshare.com/download/10243061-8ba
1. Ninja Turtles
2. City Of Gold
3. Darkwing Duck
4. Duck Tails
5. X-Men
6. GI Joe
7. Inspector Gadget
8. Thundercats
9. My Little Pony
10. Voltron
11. More Than Meets the Eye
Check after the jump for track previews and more info:
You’re tuning in to the first official Shindiggaz outing.

To recap, shindiggin on the mic: Soul, Greazy Duzit, Nicky Barnes, Kid A, Mr. Brink, Dutch Rollin Rebel. On the boards and turntables: DJ Thermos. And we’ve got a extra special guest appearance from Liquid Bones. The plan for this attack, all cartoon show remixes. If you’re a clever one, you might have figured that from the track list. What does it sound like? Neck-snapping boom bap meets MC’s that are bouncing off the walls meets your fondest childhood memories of watchin TV and dances on top of em with timbs on. We’ve got a great show for you this morning.
city of gold
Coming next month: Prime Time – mixtape featuring all remixes of TV shows. Till then, keep checking this space for mixes, exclusives, Shindiggaz show info, updates, and all that other other good bullshucks.
-Dj Thermos
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