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Is site like soundclick and myspace good for producers?

biggrimebiggrime Posts: 4
edited March 2010 in Fresh Produce
Is site like soundclick and myspace good for producers?

There's a ton of websites that allow you to upload your music, pictures, videos and other things to there're site for free. I see a lot of fellow producers using these site as the main website for they're beats. Yes these sites allow you to do many things for free however these websites will never beat having your own site and I am going to tell you why. First off you have to think what these websites were designed for? They were not design for you to be successful. They were design to give people a play ground to play in so they can advertise to you. That's it! They know they have to give you toys to play with in order to keep you coming back everyday so they can advertise to you. Is that a bad thing? No cause they have to get paid too. They can't run a major site like that giving away everything for free. So they charge for advertising. Now these site such as social networks are good because you do meet people that otherwise would never had met. Now that's what social networks and website like soundclick is good for. The first contact. Don't try to cram pictures, videos, and music all on one page. Put a few things on there just enough to make them go to your real site. Get your own site! That might be scary for some people who don't know coding but, there is templates at many website hosting sites so you don't have to code. You might be thinking it must be expesive. What! I just went to soundclick.com and and saw you can upgrade to there VIP membership and is $9.95. I can show you how to get your own website with your own domain name, 1,000 email address(yes it can be useful), unlimited space(You could use it as a unlimited hard drive) and many more features for $4.99. This is special going on from 9/10/09 - 10/08/09. Even without the special lets say you don't get a chance until after 10/08/09. You looking at $8 to $12 a month. Use those site as a marketing tool to your own website and be your own soundclick or myspace. Go to my site. scroll down to news and you will see where to get that deal.

Written by Big Grime for freebiggrimebeats.com


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