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We will NOT be closing the current community, but we will be porting user data over to the new system over time, so please get used to using the new community!

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Here is the tracklist for Red Album , an ISK exclusive:

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EDOGZ818 said:
I can't wait for the RED album to drop!

stilliskick said:
As for Game

This is his official tracklisting

1 namedrops featuring every damn rapper alive

2 : Dre this Dre That

3. Bi Polar s**tfeaturing Crazy Toons

4 . LA featuring La niccas

5 . Compton featuring The ghost of Eazy E and Sideblock

6. Butterfly and Ice cReam Cone featuring Gucci

7 . Why u salty ? Featuring Flav Flav's chicken

8. Blood this and Blood that featuring Wayne - Waka - Tyga - gudda gudda and all the fake blood symphaty

9 . Name droppin 101

10 . Sometimes I hate you but now I don't featuring 50 - jay z and whomever he beefing with..

11 . Two Piece featuring Rass Kassand Bigeast lol

12 . Talkin bout the same shit

13 . HOMAGE rapper

14 . That s**tis salty nicca ! Featuring Neblastya lol

15 . 64 impla featuring name drop

16 . Detox for Dre's love featuring Dre

17. Twitter beef and free mixtapes featuring everybody

18 . Subway cleaning featuring Yayo

1o. Why must I cry remix featuring Rea Dogg

20 . Be my friend again featuring buck- 50 - yayo- rass kass- young chris - irv gotti and Jarule - big fase - korky - Shyne -mobb deep -


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