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Raw-Material -vs- iMpIoDez



  • TupacfanTupacfan Posts: 2,428 Regulator
    edited May 2011

    this was a cool battle.. idk if it need more votes, but raw, your vesre was killing it.. Implodez was nice too... props to both battlers though..
  • thedesolateonethedesolateone Posts: 4,526 ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2011
    This boy is a coward cuz my punches like planes enter towers/-alright opener
    Cuz this bitch is going down like gays in the shower/~-dont like the imagery and if like was omitted it would of been strongers
    I'm the pound-for-pound scrapper and he's just another "underground rapper"../
    When he digs his own grave cuz spitting that weak shit makes you drown faster/~like this couplet but loses steam with drown imagery but i like the mutis
    Moving the force forward is the only time you'll see me "break my lines"/
    Bout to invade your territory with atom bombs, fucked up your internet or should I say "state of mind"?/~i dont get the quotations
    Won't let this ho hide, every punch I spit connects and spreads his head/-meh
    Cuz like the old Nikes I just threw away, you getting "checked" and left for dead/~ like this line
    This dude is "gassed" up, bet if I put Mentos down his neck, his body implodes (iMpIoDez)/-i like this line
    That's the only way he spits sick looking like cum driven nymphos/~-alright line
    I'm looking at a dead man, punches over your head like sweatbands/ -good original simile
    Cuz I'm so sick, I always gotta lay down, shitting on you homie like bed pans/~i like this line
    No one is fading me dumb fuck, not "weak in force" like your ladies be/-no
    First battled love yal and now me? He's the new LE dump truck, dropping trash a few days a week/~this is a nice shot at him
    Feel like I'm battling Freddy Krueger cuz this dude afraid of the way my flames spit/-i think it should of been more concise like:the way my flames spit is like i am battlin kruger or freddie
    And people thinking I'm "Psycho" cuz I killed you with an "insane script"/~
    -nice line and double meaning strong finish

    i give this a 7 /10
    my fav lines are:16,14,8,9,11,12
  • thedesolateonethedesolateone Posts: 4,526 ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2011
    iMpIoDez wrote: »
    Check this, expect this…Hexes sever ya nexus-dont know what a nexus is but nice flow and rhythm
    Aimin at ya core, pull the .44 bangin’ from the Lexus-nice internal rhyme and continued rhyme from the first line but not a strong punch but excellent structure

    Bodies sprawled out over the floor
    Nigga say he eatin but to me he piss poor-meh alright but not a strong line for a battle

    barely saw some cereal but tryna talk imperial
    Metrics is in use when dealing with raw material-again excellent rhymes and structure but not strong enough attack this line has potential to be a nice setup though instead of a finisher

    Lead tricks execute I aint known to be hospitable
    I spit at you…listen dude, mommy shoulda finished you-i like this couplet and the mommy shoulda finished you can be interpreted more ways then one: hard hit

    Chemicals not in ya physical, that shit don’t mix-i dont get this line sounds weak to me
    In heat ya pistol drew but won’t let the chrome dispense-i like this for some reason but still need work-your flow is second to none though

    Son Get shown some bricks, watch dem boys Hit lickss
    in ya spot, shot, for packages..still the block, hot, we savages-no attack hear seem like just a boast again good flow just needs better content

    for cabbages, and speaking of the green shit
    I’m smoking sticky weed on some trippy fiend shit-not attacking just talkin bout yourself not good in a battle imo

    But back to the topic, this faggot’s soft as Downy magic-you realized yourself you got off topic here
    He’ll never stop, cock it and pop it, pussier than beauty pageants
    -strong finish i like this couplet here

    i give this a 4 /10
    fav lines:16 ,last half of 15,
    my vote is for raw material
    but like to see more battles from impiodez
  • b.c.o.dcrub.c.o.dcru Posts: 206
    edited May 2011
    I'm going with raw material, and as far as LE goes I hate to see him win.
    In this battle he actualy tries to shit on the entire LE on the low.
    implodez jus came with the lines that rhymed well and that was it...to say the verse is radio ready is kinda a diss to me.
    I will say it feels like u put little effort into writing this verse and going at raw(no personals).
    I vote raw material
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