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Are Hip Hop fans the most sterotypical fans outta all genres of Music?

RhymesfinestRhymesfinest Posts: 1,892 ✭✭
edited May 2011 in The Reason
a lotta threads been made on this board about white people making up makority of consumers of Hip Hop records and why but have people thought for a sec that some whites who are heavy into the likes of Rick Rozay, T.I., Jay Z, The Clipse etc are white folks who sell drug them self not big time dealers but just street level dealers and they just happen to enjoy hearing Rappers who talk about what they do and like anyone else like hearing Music about luxery and flash

But according to a lotta sterotypes no white folks don't sell drugs or no white folks grow up poor struggling in lower class hoods or no white folk are criminals etc

Or other sterotypes with Rap fans is theres no middle/upper class blacks or no blacks live in nice suburbs


  • OFWGKTAOFWGKTA Posts: 1,202 ✭✭
    edited May 2011
    no its not. pop and rock is all white fans.
    hip hop got a good mix of errything
  • Tha-RealistTha-Realist Posts: 491
    edited May 2011
    This bitch is fucking retarded............ 1,500 posts in one month. SMFH, How is that even possible?
  • MonizzleMonizzle Posts: 1,666
    edited May 2011
    OFWGKTA wrote: »
    no its not. pop and rock is all white fans.
    hip hop got a good mix of errything

    hip hop has the best mix but pop and rock arent all white fans. There are a growing amount of blacks and latinos that love pop and rock. Overseas pop and rock fans draw crowds of 30,000 plus from places in latin america, south american, japan, and even africa. And then you have closest fans of rock and pop in the hood that are too ashamed to admit they like music that is non hip hop.
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