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Fashion Designing - where to start and how to get recognised?

Alonzo MadiaAlonzo Madia Posts: 1
edited July 2011 in Fashion Forward
I want to for into the Fashion Design business. But I literally have NO idea where to start.
I'm 15 and going into 5th year, well tomorrow! And I'm a little stuck and in need of lots of information. Do I need to do a Fashion Design college course? (Textile design I think, it's called.)

I'm interested in finding out where to actually start, and how to get my items recognised.

Please someone help.
People with actual fashion knowledge would be so awesome, and much appreciated :)
Thank you!

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  • PurrPurr Evil Chuck Season. Jumpman jumpman Jumpman dat girl up to something!!!Posts: 32,382 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2011
    what country do you live in? then i can assist you from there.
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