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So What Do Gold and Platinum Plaques really mean?



  • H-Rap 180H-Rap 180 Posts: 15,452 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2011
    young law wrote: »
    def jam been on the money wit buying albums for artists

    too bad they never did that for ghostface and redman

    and i wonder what rick ross numbers really look like.

    this shit is crazy

    It's odd you would mention a rapper that's never gone platinum.....his numbers impressed you enoug to think they were altered? LOL.

    H-Rap 180 wrote: »
    Do you have a link?

    The article I read was from 2004 and another one said the lawsuit was 2002

    Did you just type "pay people to buy the album"[/QUOTE


    They was talking about Lloyd Banks because he didn't have a deal when beamer benz and bentley popped and sold he was a tunecore artist before G-Unit got they new deal with


    That's the same link bruh, I mean something from a news site or newspaper blog...I can't find anything on Google.
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  • young lawyoung law Posts: 4,537 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2011
    why would numbers impress me???

    i find the way the music business works intriguing but the numbers dont impress me.

    i jus see ross as the type of artist that has a real black fanbase
    a fanbase that is into goin to shows at the club more than they are interested in goin to best buy or itunes and copping

    so with that,i would think even an artist of his caliber aint selling what little the reports say.

    10 cars can pass by my house
    7 of those cars may have a ross song playing
    1 of those cars my hold a purchased copy of a ross album
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