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Help!!! Anybody have this problem?

Check MateCheck Mate Posts: 472
edited August 2011 in The Arcade
Friday night I was playin Madden 11 wit my chick. Finished the game no problem. Shut the system off properly. PS3

Saturday - Turn the game on to play again, last game before the new shit come out. Got to the screen where we bout to kick off. We pick random teams so she didn't like her squad. We quit and went back to the main menu to pick again.

ALL OF A SUDDEN, THE SYSYTEM SHUTS OFF!!! Goes to the red light and everything. I was pissed cause that shit wasn't shut off properly.

Tried turnin the game on again, it comes on, then immediately shuts off, red button status. Red light blinks.

What's goin on?


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