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New Final Fantasy Versus 13 details

joshuaboyjoshuaboy Posts: 10,858 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited September 2011 in The Arcade
Final Fantasy head honcho Tetsuya Nomura has moved to reassure fans that spin-off Versus 13 is alive and well despite its Tokyo Game Show no show.

Nomura told Famitsu (translated by Andriasang) that gamers can expect a Final Fantasy like you've never seen before. Bosh.

Nomura recently did a walkthrough of the full world map and checked the game's dungeons and side paths in towns. He was impressed with how expansive everything was.

He revealed the game makes use of the recently announced Luminous next generation engine - for the lighting. For the action portion of the game a Versus 13 specific engine is used.

Explaining this decision, Nomura said Versus 13's lighting is being redone, and the team is using Luminous Engine for this purpose. Versus aims for photo-realism, apparently, so it places greater importance on lighting.

Information on Versus 13, a PlayStation 3 exclusive, has been scarce since its announcement.

In July Nomura said Versus 13 still hadn't entered full production - more than five years after it was first announced.


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