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What the fuck happened....

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...to all the potential the WWE had last year?

Kevin Nash just disappeared off the map, he was such a waste of time. - The potential they had w him and possibly a new NWO (Miz, Truth, Laurinitis). They really killed it when they said Nash was the one to text himself and attack whoever had won, which didn't make sense. They had, and sometimes still do, have Laruinitis run around texting and shit most of the time. Why was it after the fact that they made it seem like Laurnitis may have texted, but didn't, he's always texting after the fact that happened in the story? That just made no sense.

The possibility of a HHH/Punk team vs the new NWO. - This could've been gold in the WWE. A new NWO, with Nash not really wrestling but running this clique along with Laurnitis. The wrestlers/henchmen would've been; Miz, Truth, possibly DBryan, Mark Henry... Could've made a beast of a team. Having HHH/Punk going up against them, with maybe a team of their own (new DX or some NEW group). The direction they could've gone was pretty wide.

They could've had it out better with Sin Cara vs Sin Cara "negro". - They never really explained why they had two Sin Caras, they sorta threw in that Sin Cara negro was the REAL and what not. Without Mysterio, they could've played this longer and better. Yeah, Sin Cara botches a lot but after they showed us Hunico they killed the story. Why not have Huncio feel so ashamed and embarrassed he wanted to exact his revenge on Sin Cara and kept going at him. Instead they just kill storylines with no real outcome.

Even the firing of HHH, and replacing him with Laurinitis, could've gone in a way better angle. Laurnitis is so boring and sucks at everything he does. Instead they could've had Steph or Vince step back in and take over and then run w the NWO. I think Step vs HHH would've been a really good story and something that would've thrown all of us off.


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