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DJ Premier Talks New Kanye Album: 'No Electro... Just Boom Bap'

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DJ Premier Talks New Kanye Album: 'No Electro... Just Boom Bap'
By: kmurphy Posted 4-29-2010 3:12 pm

With Kanye West busy recording his upcoming tentatively-titled album Good Ass Job in his Diamond Head, Hawaii studio, another legendary producer is offering insight into the buzz-heavy project.

“I'm working with Kanye. He reached out to me like, ‘Yo, you at the studio?’" “DJ Premier tells VIBE. "He came by at 8 p.m. and didn’t leave until three in the morning. We were drinking Grey Goose and just bugging out. It was me, Kanye and Showbiz, from Showbiz & AG talking about the whole industry.”

As for Good Ass Job’s overall sound, Preemo says the album, which also reportedly features production from RZA, Q-Tip and Pete Rock, will be a nod to early ‘90s hip hop.

“He told me how he wanted this album to be really boom-bap, hard, hard beats,” Premier says. “He said, ‘No electro Preem, I swear no electro [Laughs].’ Ye is still that crazy dude he’s always been. He’s really focused on making this album raw. So I gave him a banger and he said he wanted two more on top of that one. I’m giving him two more this week.”

Both Premier and Kanye are No. 1 seeds in VIBE's Greatest Hip Hop Producers Of All Time contest.
—Keith Murphy


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