SMDH @ Fabolous snitchin ass

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damn Fab, not you too!

Go back and listen to the 'Cuffin Season' off Soul Tape 3, he casual mentions Felton's cheating ways...

must've been smashin one of his side pieces.... no Bueno Fab.
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    What's the lyrics?



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    When there's a few niggas that I know killed her
    4 Celtics, Knicks guard, you know Felton
    This nigga in Atlanta air tranna, no delta
    It ain't where u at It's where u headed.-ColeDaGawd
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    he ruined feltons life smh. over a mixtape song

    The marriage between Knicks point guard Raymond Felton and his beautiful wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton, crumbled less than 19 months after they wed — and hip-hop star Fabolous apparently knew there was trouble in paradise.

    The “Can’t Deny It” rapper hinted that Felton, 29, was playing the field behind Raymondo-Felton’s back, in his song, “Cuffin Season” with lyrics about promiscuous women he implied Felton had to end relationships with.

    “4 Celtics, Knicks guard, you know Felton,” he sang. “This n—- in Atlanta AirTran her, no Delta. Been naughty all year trying to end it nicely, Summer hoes turning into winter wifeys.”

    Raymondo-Felton, 26 — a Cornell graduate and Fordham law student — filed for a divorce on Feb. 18 almost two months after Fabolous’ song was released at the end of December 2013. She has not publicly accused her estranged husband of infidelity.

    They were married near Raymondo-Felton’s hometown in Wake Forest, NC, on July 28, 2012 after dating for a few years.

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    it took niggas days to realize fab snitch because his mixtapes have no replay value people forget he even had that bar
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    what this hoe look like
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    T. Sanford wrote: »
    F.A.B.O been a H.O

    nigga running around here with his pencil & paper, hall monitoring & telling on niggas

    Now I see why Ray J beat his ass into an pulp

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    Thats the only song they could think of cause Fab is a wack ass has been
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    ehhh..not a big deal, fab still one of the only rappers i look out for these days

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    GodGivBiz wrote: »
    How about Jay when he said AI and him had more in common Carmen)?

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    Another dumb thread. It's 11 over here, I wonder how many more wack threads will be made before midnight.
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    So he calls a Whore a whore and ppl are mad at the dude....but not the cheating whore......This new generation i tell ya
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    Soul tape 3 was dope



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    i think when jay did it was why people kinda dismissed Super Ugly. First "not cool yo" Jay felt from the hood
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    Shame on anyone that listens to fabulous. ANYONE
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    The way its turning out now fuck that bitch Carmen.
    All that slander and shade she throwing at dude Jay did him a favor.
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    Not much of a fan if his work, but Cuffin Season is hard
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    ...mostly because of the hook
    Bustin a new nut on @R.D's moms collarbone everyday.
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    what this hoe look like

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