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Any openly gay memers on the IC? (besides Conflict, of course)



  • Focal PointFocal Point Kushite descent... wandering child from Meru of Old TrentonPosts: 16,307 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The_Jackal wrote: »
    huey wrote: »
    The_Jackal wrote: »
    New niggas don't know him but Rusty was openly gay

    shackleford? i had no idea. all i know are his weed posts

    Yeah he was openly gay. I mean he didn't parade shit around but when nig gas use to say he was a fag or he sucked dixk he just ed laughed it off cause it was true. And also he was pretty knowledgeable about the law always posted in SL. He reminds me of KTULU

    Lol I wouldn't say KTULU, though like you said both were very knowledgeable posters
  • Elzo69RenaissanceElzo69Renaissance Never selling dreams, always serving cream SeattlePosts: 50,709 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The nigga who saluted Keefs dick nh

    Bause D Lause or something like that
    As I look back over a misspent life, I find myself more and more convinced that I had more fun posting on the IC than in any other enterprise. It is really the life of kings.

  • 700700 Praying 5 times a day to catch a plug Plap City, FLAPosts: 14,496 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I had no idea rusty was a faggot

    KingJamal wrote: »
    @b00kie do u have any Boosie stories u can tell?

    b00kie wrote: »
    KingJamal wrote: »
    @b00kie do u have any Boosie stories u can tell?
    haha He cool man, I wasn't in the streets but

    He was always lil, like 5'3. But a big mouth, couple times nigga had to square up. At the football game he took that stick the drum major had and cracked a nigga over the head w it and broke the stick

    Nigga was cold on the bball court though, I didn't get that starting spot until he stopped coming to school. School let out at 3 we had to stay till the games at 6 so he used to just rap about whatever people talkin about passng time.

    Then he started hanging w C-Loc and them, rappin/hustling whatever, rarely came to school anymore. When he did he would just be Polo down.... come, counting stacks $ at recess, everybody lookin.

    OH and biology class blunt fell out his ear and the teacher tried to grab it. He twist that lady arm grabbed the blunt off the floor n left. lol
    Far from a groupie...but a Boosie story

    Nga was in the club and I was out and about in another state..I was doing business there and decide to step out...and heard dude was going to be at the club on the radio...Now I don't know dude like that..but again my patnas know dude...I goes to the club..dude has his own section in the club..him and his crew and a few women...I walk up to the area and he comes over and he like you be in B.R. and you be wit such and such and I was like yea..he like mayne what you doing out here..I told him.. he was like..mayne you family come on in V.I.P. and get what you want..you want this..you want that..i was like nah..nga handed me a bottle and told me just to take it...again I don't know dude like that to be gettin a bottle..but the love he showed..I see why ngas love this nga down here so much...so I was leaving the club after he performed..nga was like you good you need bread..you need money on a room..and I was like shocked the nga even reached out like that..and I was like nah.. Nga didn't care who you were..if he fucks wit you..he fucks wit you..that's why alot cats fuck wit the lil nga...

    Focal PointThe_Jackalrip.dillaVulcanRaven
  • VIBEVIBE Posts: 54,384 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ounceman wrote: »
    Wasn't there a nigga on here who said if it was dark and he turned on the lights to suddenly find another nigga suckin him off (no ATL) that he would continue to let him do it until he got his nut and then killed him afterwards? I think that was dink

    Mobb said he would give another dude a bj for money, but then kill and rob him afterwards..

    Focal PointKingFreemanJusDre313rip.dillaThe_Jackal
  • Melanin_Enriched Melanin_Enriched Your favorite basketball-american gentleman Posts: 22,868 ✭✭✭✭✭
    CirocObama the GOAT faggot poster.
    *Top 5 background poster*
    Started fucking with photoshop
    BangEm_Bart rip.dilla
  • StoneColdMikeyStoneColdMikey mikeyismod CHITOWN THE BEST TOWNPosts: 33,542 Regulator
    CirocObama the GOAT faggot poster.

    His gay posts in the reason were random and funny as fucj. I think he still posts here
  • KillaChamKillaCham M0D SQUAD™ Posts: 11,413 Regulator
    700 wrote: »
    I had no idea rusty was a faggot


    He always said he was gay lol
    That shit wasn't any secret.. especially since instead of Rusty Shackleford we should to call him Rusty Shacklefag.
    Focal Point
  • Karl.Karl. Posts: 8,015 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm a flaming faggot n/h
    Wasn't Rustys entire family gay?

    No diss
    Melanin_Enriched LEMZIMUS_RAMSEYGlockLesnar
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