Wale: "I want some respect."



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    Put some respeck on my name
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    Wale want some respeck to I feel ya wale
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    Beta wrote: »
    Put some respeck on my name

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    this intro is fire btw

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    Wale ft. Birdman - I Want Some Respeck
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    Weazel wrote: »
    Billboard: Wale

    "I want people to be like, 'your album's just as
    good as Kendrick [Lamar]'s or Esperanza Spalding
    or Beck, '"Wale says. I work just as hard as them."

    I didn't wanted to read, or even see that whole interview. What a crybaby.
    Maybe if he wasn't such a crybaby, and stopped his constantly complaining
    People (maybe) would gave him some more respect, he apparently desperately need it.

    What's your opinion on this guy?
    Does a rappers image, influence your opinion about his work?
    Imo sometimes it does, just came to find out, Im tired of this dude.

    So give him some respect.
    I already lost mine..


    DAMN his albums still ain't as good as Kendrick's
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