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What happened to Pretty Ugly? Featured on Hi-Tek's 'Josephine' W/ Ghostface?

RuffDraftRuffDraft Posts: 4,753 ✭✭✭✭
edited July 2011 in The Essence
Like seriously? Dude dropped a great verse on 'Josephine' and I was hyped about hearing dude more, but he kinda just disappeared…

This track is a CLASSIC, IMO and I never use that term:

The Josephine that I knew, had a fiend for the rich guys
Old fashion girl, judged a man by her shoe size
If you had on the right Nikes, looked like the right type
Paid her the right price, she give you the green light
She was a different breed, she smoked different weed
Every week her hair done, she had a different weave
She was in and out of bars, she was in and out of cars
She was on and off the law, she was in and out of drawers
The chick a dime, I admit, I even tried to hit
I told her I was broke as shit, but I got the magic stick
I'm that confident, she said I need the cash
A different time, a different place, I could have the ass
Years went pass, before I seen her again
Now she slim, and I don't think she been in the gym
So I asked her how she been, she said I'm down with the men
Now I'm seen, but I caught AIDS when I was fucking with them

That last line was amazing and never got old… was he a one verse rapper with nothing left in him?

He even dropped what wasn't a diss track towards Jay-Z:

Dude was even featured on GTA III:

But I haven't heard anything from him since, any Philly heads know what happened?
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