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Only 4 the Real Ni99az..The Red Pill..All Blue Pill takers don't enter



  • Disciplined InSightDisciplined InSight The Clairvoyant One.... Posts: 13,478 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2010
    Smh @ niggas still swallowing the blue pill....
    To be a real hood you need more than just a gun. You need ideas.

  • TrueGodHSTrueGodHS Posts: 2,670 ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2010
    How about some unpopular facts:

    1..More than half of the rappers on TV have soldout
    2.Intitutions like Travistock actually study human nature to learn how to destroy humans thru unnatural tones and radio frequenties usually used in popular music today
    3.The Elite of the government got pac,big murdered
    4.Yes Nas sold out too,He's doing census commercials..The Census is a ploy the illuminati uses to count how people are in the US so they can properly determine how many people to kill for population control
    5.M&M is a racist who sucks the soul out of the culture..He was hand picked by the higher elite to infiltrate hip hop..He learned how to flow from blacks and really has no self made style
    6.The original purpose of hip hop was diverted on purpose to keep nubians from uniting..Thats why there aren't hardly any more groups like public enemy
    7.The South was put in charge of the game on purpose to keep the masses dumb wanting to execessively floss and spend money to booast the ecomony..The evil one knows that africans move to the sound of the drum(Which is heavily used in southern beats),the thing is that fake sythetic sounds were added to destroy your central nervous system..Music is now computerized and no longer natural..It doesn't move with the bio rythem of the planet...They sped up music to 440 megahertz which actually speeds up the heart rate and kills you dead slowly..
    8..Most videos nowadays depict martial law,chaos, quarantine etc..They are now showing you their plans..example videos to watch Jayz run this town,Fabolous body ya,M&M lil wayne drop the world and many more..
    9.Jay-z Is a Master Mason who uses his music,clothes to push the new world order agenda
    10..obama was choosen to infiltrate hip hop to get the youth on his side..truth is obama is the pre cursor to the new world order.."The Change" represents this..America is now in SERIOUS debt with mutiple countries

    More to come.....

    I can agree on a number of these. I was in the studio with my engineer who is white today, and I try to put him onto shit like this....


    Soul REvival 2 drops October 1st, 2013

    Piece of Me(Soul REvival 2)

    Crown The Champion(Soul REvival 2)

  • reef hustle_ahhreef hustle_ahh Posts: 461
    edited December 2010
    funny how there have been 'precursors' to the New World Order for at least 15 years now...
  • Fazeem_Blackall Fazeem_Blackall Posts: 4,216 ✭✭
    edited April 2011
    anther thread that rocked the reason to its core...
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