50 cent haters..you forgot my thread of the $50 bet ?

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50 Cent never jacked any style, he always used to sing a little bit on his songs.. BUT... EX...***** SAMPLE...

1 .listen to ANY ja rule singing.

2. Listen to 50 cent singing

There is..always has been..was..now..ALWAYS.. been a HUGE differnce.

I once made a thread on the OLD IC.. I will give $50 paypal to anyone who can show me where 50 cent sings like ja rule.

and I won it.. he DOES NOT!.

To the idiots who are mad at 50 for no reason.. I open this BET AGAIN. you like to ***** like a little girl ? well how about winning 50 bucks for ***** ?

Go ahead. morons. fix your ***** ears. how about for once instead of just POSTING about something your WRONG about..WIN 50 BUCKS for it.. ?


  • gee757gee757 Members Posts: 26,374
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    Fuuuuk cuuuuuurly!...,,,
  • nyniccanynicca Banned Users Posts: 877
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    um gak7 give me my $50 dollars ***** because "best friend" is some fuking crooning more than ja rule ever did. at least ja when he sings its always in a growl, nothing you can go to American Idol with. but "best friend" 50 is crooning with all the feeling. he could of went to hollywood on American Idol with that. So ***** wheres my $50
  • maximus prememaximus preme Members Posts: 1,995 ✭✭
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    nah slim 50 is a swagger jacker still riding the Rule's wave.
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