Is it safe to say you not a true fan of an Artist



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    Eminem is wack as 🤬
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    If its authentic story that can be authenticated by outside sources, sure I can relate. If its fabricated 🤬 , that was obviously created by crackas in suits to give another cracka a "wtruggle", then it gets ignored and labeled the garbage it is. Hence my disgust with eminem and his airhead fans.
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    When i was 8 years old yeah i found that Shock Value funny but you can't be a kid forever you gotta grow up you gotta mature @ Nujerz bro

    What would you say if you were listening to 1 of those Shock Song's and ya parent over heard you listening to a Song about 🤬 or serial killing? wouldn't you be ashamed at your age?

    Life is more than jokes and games man the simple things in life like making sure ya rent is paid on time feeding ya kid's so many struggle with it's not a joke out here life is serious
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    Yamoley is a 🤬
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    Bigavelli wrote: »
    Deep/Introperspective/Emotional Song's about Personal experiences covering topics of poverty, parenting, relationship troubles, politics, living in a broken home, trouble with the law, family troubles, over coming drug addiction etc Eminem Song's -

    Rock Bottom, If I Had, Murder Murder The Way I Am, Marshall Mathers, Stan, Soldier, Say Goodbye To Hollywood, Cleaning Out My Closet, Hailies Song, White America, Superman, Till I Collapse, Drips, When The Music Stops, Sing For The Moment, Sqaure Dance, Mockingbird, My ist Single, We As Americans, Love You More, Crazy In Love, Never Enough, Yellow Brick Road, Spend Some Time, Beautiful, Deja Vu, Be Careful What You Wish For, My Darling, Not Afraid, Cinderella Man, Talkin 2 Myself, So Bad, Going Through Changes, Cold Wind Blows, Seduction, Space Bound, Love The Way You, You're Never Over, Lie, 8 Mile Road, Lose Yourself, When I'm Gone, Public Enemy Number 1, No Apologies

    Shock Value Song's about 🤬 , 🤬 , homosexuality, serial killing, psycopathitic thoughts, dissing Pop stars, or Rapping in general with out saying anything that makes sense Slim Shady character/persona Song's -

    Role Model, Just Don't Give A 🤬 , Still Don't Give A 🤬 , My Name Is, Brain Damage, As The World Turns, Bad Meets Evil, I'm Shady, Guilty Conscience, 🤬 You, The Real Slim Shady, Remember Me, Amityville, Kim, Under The Influence, Criminal, With Out Me, My Dad's Gone Crazy, Evil Deeds, Puke, Rain Man, Big 🤬 , Just Lose It, 3AM, My Mom, Insane, Bagpipes From Bagdad, Hello, Stay Wide Awake, Same Song & Dance, We Made You, Medicine Ball, Underground

    Recovery most Song's were about relationships, over coming drug addiction and family issues

    Dude... the only reason I haven't told you to eat a 🤬 yet is cuz you're an Em fan, and I'm cool with that. But I really think you're delusional. You named 30 somethings songs (I lost count) with soul or content or whatever. That doesnt make up for the other 60 something songs where he's talking some crazy 🤬 , not even counting the hundred something other underground songs/freestyles. And the underlined songs, are you serious? What content are in those? I don't even know where to start. First off, you put Kim under the shock value songs. You do realize that Crazy in Love, Love You More, Space Bound and Love the Way You Lie are the same songs as Kim, right? He loves her, hates her, beats the 🤬 out of her, kills her. Where's the soul in that? And My 1st Single? Are you serious? He's not dissing Justin and Britney in that? Or Marshall Mathers? (New Kids on the Block suck a lot of 🤬 , boy/girl groups make me sick, that's not dissing pop stars?) He dissed Canibus in Square Dance while threatening to 🤬 someone in the ass, Murder Murder was basically him on a robbing spree. And Recovery wasn't about 🤬 , just him stringing together some metaphors, complaining about his last two albums sucking and promising to be a better rapper. Talkin to Myself and Going thru Changes were the only songs where he spoke about his drug problem in depth. Sure he had some songs about relationships, but you know they were rehashed thoughts of Kim or Mariah (may as well scratch Superman off there too). Face it, Em is not some bleeding heart poet who is some hero of the downtrodden. He is a crazy ass homophobic white boy with mommy issues that he takes out on the only two 🤬 he's ever 🤬 . That's still my 🤬 tho, you just gotta get your head outta your ass and admit that. Which goes back to your question, are YOU a true Em fan?
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