Which record label had the better run, Death Row, Bad Boy, No Limit, Cash Money or Roc-A-Fella??



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    To put it in perspective...

    Cash Money has had 7 Platinum-selling artists (Juvi, Nicki, Drake, B.G., Big Tymers, Wayne, Hot Boys) and 2 dominating runs: 1998-2002 (4), 2006-current (6+)

    Bad Boy = Biggie, Mase, Faith, Diddy, Total, 112, Dream, Black Rob, Cassie, Danity Kane, LOX
    Run: 1994 to eh... I'll be nice and say 2001ish (7)

    Death Row = Dre, Snoop, Tupac, Tupac, Tupac
    1992-1996 (4)

    Roc-A-Fella = Jay, Kanye, Beanie, Cam'ron, Diplomats, DJ Clue, Juelz
    1997-2004 (7) ... I'd say that's around when they stopped being a hot label and just became Jay & Kanye

    Ruff Ryders = DMX, Jadakiss, Styles, Eve, LOX
    1998-2004 (6)

    G-Unit = 50, Banks, Buck, Game
    2002-2006 (4)

    No Limit = Master P, Snoop Dogg, Silkk, Mystikal, TRU, C-Murder
    1997-2000 (3)

    Murder INC = Ja Rule, Ashanti, The Murderers, Lloyd
    1999-2004 (5)

    1st and foremost, the argument is between Death Row and Bad Boy, they got the most sales, most impact and most Classics. Cash Money did not have 2 "DOMINATING" runs. The 1st run was not Dominate, No Limit was way bigger, sold way more, Outside of Juvi, none of them dudes was going multi-platinum, they sold some albums but they did not Dominate, Ruff Ryders was Bigger than Cash Money, DMX alone outsold their whole roster. Again I'm not saying it wasn't a run, it was but it wasn't DOMINATE, when you Dominate, you shut almost everyone down, Cash Money wasn't shutting everyone down. Now I'd admit, from about 08-present, Cash Money/Young Money has had a dominating run but LOL @ you saying their run started in 06, Wayne was barely selling back then, Juvi and Mannie fresh was long gone, in 06 G-unit was Bigger than Cash Money. They didn't really take over until Carter III.

    Like I said, It's between Bad Boy and Death Row. I'd give the slight edge to Death Row, Like someone said, their 1st 8 releases when Multi-Platinum. Bad Boy had the single greatest year in Hip Hop History, Nobody label will ever sell that many units in a year again. But Bad Boy was the only label to successfully bridge HIP HOP and RnB. Gunit had a good run but they burnt out to fast once 50's popularity went down. The Roc was always Jay period, sure Ye came through and cause some damage but The Roc's run to me they never really dominated the game, they were sharing the spotlight. Bleek and Beans were never really superstars so Jay took the whole weight of the label, I'd say maybe late 90's early 2000' the Roc had a great run. The only labels that I can honestly say DOMINATED were Death Row, Bad Boy, No Limit and Ruff Ryders. G-Unit for that 1st 2 years dominated. Cash Money/Young Money has dominated the last 4 years for sure. Aftermath had Eminem which he dominated but the label never felt like they dominated rap maybe that 1st couple years in 99 and 2000 when Em dropped his 1st 2 albums and Dre had 2001.

    Bad Boy of course isn't what they use to be but Puffy does have one thing over all the labels. He's still the dominating business man of Hip Hop, #1 on Forbes some 25 years after he got his start. He outlasted his #1 rival Suge Knight. There for by default, Bad Boy could be #1 all time for Puffy being a survivor but like I said, how can anyone not see how Big Death Row Was, that's insane having 8 straight LP's go multi-platinum. On Bad Boy their 1st 8 albums, 5 were Multi-platinum, 2 were Platinum and 1 Gold. Pac and Big are the GOAT Rappers which is why Death Row and Bad Boy had the GOAT Runs in Hip Hop History. Overall DEF JAM is the GOAT Rap label though.



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    1998: 400 Degreez - Juvenile (4x Platinum)
    1999: Chopper City in the Ghetto - B.G. (Platinum)
    1999: Guerrilla Warfare - Hot Boys (Platinum)
    1999: Tha G-Code - Juvenile (Platinum)
    1999: Tha Block is Hot - Lil Wayne (Platinum)
    2000: I Got That Work - Big Tymers (Platinum)
    2000: Checkmate - B.G. (Gold)
    2000: Lights Out - Lil Wayne (Gold)
    2000: Baller Blockin' (soundtrack) - Cash Money Millionaires (Gold)
    2001: Project English - Juvenile (Gold)
    2002: Birdman - Birdman (Gold)
    2002: Hood Rich - Big Tymers (Platinum)
    2002: 500 Degreez - Lil Wayne (Gold)
    2003: Big Money Heavyweight - Big Tymers (Gold)
    2003: Juve the Great - Juvenile (Platinum)
    2004: Tha Carter - Lil Wayne (Gold)
    2005: Tha Carter II - Lil Wayne (Platinum)
    2006: Like Father, Like Son - Birdman & Lil Wayne (Gold)
    2008: Tha Carter III - Lil Wayne (3x Platinum)
    2009: So Far Gone - Drake (Gold)
    2009: We Are Young Money - Young Money (Gold)
    2010: Rebirth - Lil Wayne (Gold)
    2010: Thank Me Later - Drake (Platinum)
    2010: Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj (Platinum)
    2011: Tha Carter IV - Lil Wayne (2xPlatinum)
    2011: Take Care - Drake (Platinum)

    ruff ryders ain't fuckin with this

    24 Million Sold U.S. (Only 3 multi-platinum albums)

    DMX BY HIMSELF: 14x PLATINUM (3 multi-platinum albums)

    1998: It's dark and hell is hot - 4x PLATINUM
    1998: Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of my Blood - 3x PLATINUM
    1999: And Then There Was X - 5x Platinum
    2001: The Great Depression - Platinum
    2003: Grand Champ - Platinum

    LOL @ DMX selling a majority of what Cash Money sold they whole history in a span of 5 years and had just as many multi-platinum albums yet Ruff Ryders ain't seeing Cash Money?, OK, try again. Outside of Juvi and now recently Wayne, Cash Money never moved major units like that, they came out in the early 90's and didn't go Plat until the late 90's. Labels like Death Row, Bad Boy and Ruff Ryders were going Plat from the start.
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    No limit sold 75 million albums in its run look it up
    Cold Sardines Cold Sardines fuck em and feed em Cold Sardines
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    mc317 wrote: »
    No limit sold 75 million albums in its run look it up
    I loved when No limit was releasimg those albums jack. They were releasing one or two albums a month, u never got tired of those albums man classics!!!

    Mississippi's finest
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    Death Row
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