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Prison Police Find $400 In Dirty Drug Money Up Florida Man’s Rectum

zerocoolzerocool Posts: 3,973 ✭✭✭✭✭
A man arrested in a drug bust tried to hide his money in an unusual place: his booty!

Police Find $400 In Drug Money Up Florida Man’s Rectum

Via First Coast News reports:Tyrone Booker, 30, was arrested during a drug sting Laura Street. Booker was the suspect who was running from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office when officer Kreshnik “Nick” Isaraj was struck by a car Wednesday.According to JSO, Booker was placed in the backseat of a JSO cruiser. The JSO officer observed about $300 in the suspect’s wallet. The officer then walked away.When the officer returned, the money was missing. Booker said an undercover officer took the money. Officers searched the vehicle but the money wasn’t found.Once at the jail, the arresting officer then looked at the footage from the camera in the cruiser. The video showed Booker spitting on his hands to lubricate his fingers and repeatedly putting his hands in the back of his pants, according to JSO.JSO then performed a strip search and found nothing.The suspect finally revealed his hiding spot when he found out the next step was a trip to the Emergency Room.The money was rolled up and wrapped in a rubber band inside his rectum.Due to the money being covered in biohazard, it was not counted and the JSO funds could not be verified.Booker is facing charges of resisting officer without violence, introducing or smuggling contraband into a detention facility, tampering with evidence and selling marijuana within 1,000 feet of a convenience business.floridaman.jpg?w=1200



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