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two part question about black and white people



  • Cabana_Da_DonCabana_Da_Don Posts: 7,992 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Niggas are doing everything BUT reading.Niggas is skydiving,jumping of bridges,going to Mars and shit but aint reading.
    Chef_Taylor Allah_U_AkbarBazz-BHyenaKillaAjackson17
  • NothingButTheTruthNothingButTheTruth stew Posts: 10,850 ✭✭✭✭✭
    pralims wrote: »
    when my wife an i was looking for a church..we stumbled in a white church....no one welcomed us an gave us the WTF look.

    its funny because when we did find a church it was a black baptist church...an when white people come in...its all smiles an hugs.

    The media tries their hardest to counter this or sweep shit like this under the rug, but black people are THE MOST forgiving and nicest people in the world.

    We accept everyone, we forgive everyone and we're open arms to whoever. Black people seem to be born with certain morals and values that others aren't born with.

    That's why back when I was a kid in church, I realized that God and Jesus or whatever you call them were black. We're the only people you can fuck over for our whole life, and then say I'm sorry (in one way or another), and we'll take you back.
    A Talented OneAjackson17
  • Chef_Taylor Chef_Taylor Young King.....pay me in gold Posts: 26,584 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Cabana cut it out bruh
    My weakness Beautiful Black Women>


    A Talented OneHyenaKillaAjackson17
  • 1of11of1 Posts: 37,468 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The Portuguese did a number on @Cabana_Da_Don‌
    A Talented OneHyenaKillaAjackson17
  • A Talented OneA Talented One stew Posts: 4,202 ✭✭✭
    I am black, and I read more than most ppl, and I know other black ppl who read a lot too, but would I say that in my experience black people, on average, read as much as white ppl? No, I wouldn't say that.

    Just because you wouldn't like for something to be true doesn't mean it isn't. The black race will never rise if we refuse to acknowledge certain unwelcome facts.
    Allah_U_AkbarChef_Taylor HyenaKilla
  • Meta_ConsciousMeta_Conscious Hypocrite The BashmentPosts: 26,227 ✭✭✭✭✭
    u niggas have no way to gauge this silly ass shit.
    Chef_Taylor mryounggunAjackson17
  • Matt-Matt- stew Posts: 21,585 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Not going to this just yet. Too soon
  • vitoriavitoria Posts: 445 ✭✭✭✭
    pralims wrote: »
    You got 400+ years worth of time on your hands for an explanation?
    but no one is stopping black people from doing certain things....why should other black people decide what is ok for black people to do?

    if a black man is playing hockey an kicking ass.....i will support the man for breaking open a door and then proving he belongs and then dominating..... that is black excellence.

    we do we want our people to still be limited? after 400+ years when we dont have to be?
    I hope your not referring to slavery

  • lighthearted26lighthearted26 Posts: 1,362 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Some whites just have an arrogance about them, I experience it daily at work. I always have a strong hatred of whites during my shift but I try to remember the cool ass white friends I had in school and the times white people have helped me out at various times and the hatred slowly goes away until the next day
    Young StefAjackson17
  • The Lonious MonkThe Lonious Monk Man with No Fucks Given Posts: 26,258 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Why do black people hate when white people act like every black person is a representative of the whole race, but then act like every white person is responsible for every thing that every other white person does?

    we don't do that... next question...

    You shittin me? On this site, pretty much every time there is a story with a white cat doing something racist or stupid, it ain't "that cracka is racist" or "that cracka is stupid." It's always "these crackas are racist" and "these crackas are stupid."

    The whole premise of this thread is based on the idea that all or most white people feel a certain way. If a white person asked a question like that about Blacks as if all black people think the same about shit like that, people would complain.

    Niggas are just hypocritical. White people generally do shitty things. I'd agree with that, but it kills me that black people think the best way to combat that is to do the same shitty things.

    Don't take things on the IC to heart.
    U wrote all that and at the end said u agree that white ppl generally do shitty things...lol
    No one thinks that the best way to combat shitty things is to do shitty things.
    Blacks are no more hypocritical than any other group...
    Let us know how attacking blacks works out for u...

    Well we can agree to disagree. I love my people, but I do believe we are the most hypocritical people on the planet. Black people are always whining about what other groups do to us, but we happily do that same shit to other people. It comes down always coming up with some bullshit way to justify the wrong we do. And it's not just on the IC. It's in general.

    How many black people have a fit every time they hear a white person use the N word, but use cracka, chink, and spic like normal words?

    How many black people whine about being stereotyped, but then stereotype members of every other group out there?

    How many black people get up at arms about every little supposed incident about racism, but happily do comparable shit to other minorities all the time.

    That shit happens all the time on or off the IC. I just bring up the IC because I find it funny how it happens so much on here but cats act like it doesn't exist. You're just being willfully blind.
    Niggas think that they own things and man sits high upon thrones
    But when you die, tell me what the fuck you own.
    When your skin, flesh, and bones find a permanent home
    as food for worms or fossils trapped in stone. - Rza in "What's Going On?"

  • mryounggunmryounggun Loading up my Grey Matter Glock Posts: 13,451 ✭✭✭✭✭
    We need to sticky this shit. This is an entertaining ass thread. Lol.

    My nigga said 'black people only read to pass the time or if it's some hip hop shit...white people read shit that interests them!'

    This can't be life.
  • Stephen-rStephen-r Posts: 420 ✭✭✭
    I have never ever felt like that ever we are all human and we all belong ever where
  • geechee slimgeechee slim I bomb atomicly with socrates philosophies and hypothesis Posts: 2,465 ✭✭✭✭✭
    deadeye wrote: »
    1) white privilege
    2) internationalized racism

    [email protected] internationalized

    Hopefully you meant internalized.

    A fairly accurate assessment nonetheless.
    I like internationalized better.
    Geechee Slim, Geechee Goo
    Geechee Me, Geechee YOU!

  • geechee slimgeechee slim I bomb atomicly with socrates philosophies and hypothesis Posts: 2,465 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I can answer both of your questions like this.

    White Supremacy has fathered three children:
    White Priveledge (a boy)
    White Guilt (a girl)
    And White Ignorance (a bastard)

    White Privilege assuming that the world is his, can travel anywhere that he wants. And he will be welcomed as the guest or tourist. His father, White Supremacy, worked Hard so that his son Priveledge wouldnt have to. All Priveledge has to do is wait for his ol man to die, and fully inherit his kingdom.

    White Guilt is a girl (female emotion) that got a tongue-lashing after touching a black girl's hair. But she really loves her black friends... aright, she really wants some black friends. Therefore, Guilt began investigating and finding ways to be more appropriate. Her mistake was the invention of Appropriation. Her friends look like a collection of toys, specifically by race, sex, and sexual preference.

    White Ignorance is the bastard son. He is well aware of his father , but chooses not to recognize him. His biggest excuse is " get over it, that was a long time ago." He also takes Appropriation to another level. He does not know when he's being offensive. The reason is because his father still exists. Most men, whether they know their father or not, still maintain some of his appearance and posture.

    So in conclusion, these kids are very aware of what they look like and what you look like. Their father is retired, so we can't blame them for wanting to feel safe around blacks Latinos and natives.
    And since they have the environment to themselves anyway, or in their minds, you are actually trespassing within their boundaries. This is also not the 3 types of white people. These are 3 personalities that magnify themselves when dealing with people of other races.
    Geechee Slim, Geechee Goo
    Geechee Me, Geechee YOU!

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